Merry Christmas

I wish you and your loved ones very happy, blessed, safe, joyous Christmas and fabulous New Year!
I want to say a big thank you for stopping by - all your comment, kind words , encouragement and emails have been such a pleasure.
Please take care and I look forward to seeing you next year.
Have a wonderful holiday break.
God Bless you all .
Love Viera


Sourced from Ralph Lauren Home

Source Traditional Home- Caroline Rhoem

Traditional Home Susan Harris

Traditional Home - Victoria Hagan

Photos Eddie Ross

Point Click Home - NeimanMarcus

Outdoor Living 2 - Ludo Dierckx

While searching for the ideas for my backyard I came across the web page of Ludo Dierckx from Belgium. His work is just amazing!

Outdoor Living

Photo Flamant
After the "Brisbane Cyclone" our garden furniture was totally destroyed. Glass ! broken, one chair not found, yet.
We love outdoor eating so much here in Australia and I have to make the decision very soon. Its already late. I want something heavy, sturdy, nice. My preference for a now goes to a stone table with iron chairs ( carvers maybe synthetic wicker?). Any suggestions?

Paul Bangay
Bertwistle Imports

Early Settlers
VT Interiors
Complete Garden
New addition to our backyard - Watter Dragon
Buyers guide to outdoor furniture

Christmas Traditions

11 days to Christmas .. I managed 'first stage' of baking, finally! Hurrah. Cooking and baking in my culture is a big part of Christmas celebration. Its much harder to concentrate and be focused here in Australia. So hot, sunny and more hot. Today was 34 degrees C and it would be much better on the beach. But because I am a very traditional girl I stayed in the kitchen and baked and baked and baked... house smells heavenly!

...not this traditional .
Photo Eva Lindh (traditions from Scandinavia)
Photos Sweet Paul I can put my feet up.

Hall Tables

Photo Carrier& Co ForgePhoto Caldwell- BeedePhoto Phoebe HowardPhoto S. Dougal Photo Caldwell- Beede (Sourced A life's design) Photo from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles ( Thank you Clint for the correction, my apologies.)

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