"Rooms to Stop the Young from Straying"

THEIR OWN SPACE The Goldrings, a family in Pacific Palisades, Calif., created an indoor-outdoor cabana-style pool house for their two teenage daughters and their daughters’ friends with daybeds for sleepovers, a bath and shower, and a roof deck.

For past couple of months I and my husband have been discussing what we can do to create a space for our teenage kids where they can entertain. It went so far that we even considered building a new house.
I've found interesting article in NY Times by author Kimberly Stevens where she interviewed Julia Buckingham(one of my favourite designers)
Julia Buckingham Edelmann, a Chicago interior designer, said that over the last few years she has seen a large increase in clients who want to decorate and design spaces for their teenage children, and a concurrent decline in interest in the multipurpose great room. “There are dedicated spaces for everything” these days, she said — the home gym, the home spa — “so it makes sense that there is the teen space.”

In her observation"kids now enjoy entertaining like their parents"

We love when our son's friends come over to have a game of tennis and barbecue afterwards or Laura's friends doing their girly stuff.