New Project

What a busy , crazy week. Firstly over the weekend my computer just died!! I still do not have an access to my photo files and emails and ... who knows what else. New computer is not set properly , yet.
On Monday I have seen the client to discuss the colour selection for a new project, I just started. Tuesday and Wednesday I had a "nice" rest in a hospital ( I am fine, will be fine!) and today I have seen the client again with more ideas, fabrics, furniture ... I like Kelly Hoppen's meals area and I would like to do something in this style for my client.

For a formal dining I would like to add carvers to mix with existing dining suite, client wants to keep and to reupholster chairs.
Dining Arm Chair by Vicente Wolf
I also think about little bit of colour-somewhere? Just a little!
Image Kit Kemp Haymarket Hotel
Now, back to work! To make this board presentable.

I hope my computer will be back in full swing, soon!!